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PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 2:53 pm 

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I would Like to intorduce my sugesstion for the game

soory if its not perfact layouted or includes a lot of grammer mistakes i am a bit tired now

Bank Addon by Frecy :


-Main Banks
-Main Bank only 1 per game 3x3 (an the city where it applys you need pay taxes of all of your Bank services)
-Main Bank costs for building 0,1%of overall GDP of all cities
-Secial Rules (explained below in 2.)

-Retail Banks
-Size 2x2
-You can build as much you want in each city for a fixed price
-You can only build a retail bank if you have a own main bank
-1-3 Floors always upgradable

-Size 3x3
-You can build as much you want in each city for a fixed price
-You can only build a Investment bank if you have a own main bank
-1-3 Floors always upgradable

Main Banks

-Main Banks have 9 Fields in each floor
-for upgrading a floor you need:
--a lot of money fixed price
--good Rating (described below)
---C or better 1 Floor
---B or better 2 Floors
---A or better 3 Floors

-when you are building a new Bank you start with C
-If your bank gets a downgrade from A to B or from B to A you need close one floor and loose the personal there.

You can fill your fields of you Main bank with:

-A talent scout
-Fond Manager

here a bad example eddited on paint (dont complain it pleas i could do it better with Photoshop but i was too lazy):
6.png [ 44.77 KiB | Viewed 49 times ]

Talent Scout:

Each year it is possible to get a additional Lawyer, Lobbyist or a Fond Manager. You start with 0 of them. But you are still able to make Profit in a Retail bank.
just choose the field talent scout an put him in to your main Bank. But you are only allowed to use one of them per floor.

-You need to choose each year the specialastion you choose. It is only possible to get 1 Person a year per floor not more. That means with a rating over A and 3 floors you can get 3 per year

-Each Person of this specialisation types have a skill level from 1-10
This Skill level depends on the education index from the city. You can choose and adjust on the city, specialisation and the expenditure for talent Skill in the talent scout field. After you have adjusted it you cant change the settings anymore this year.

-Mathematical example skill level:

IE=Education index of the choosen city (1-100)
E=Your Paid Expenditure in % Max=100% Minimum 0%

IE+(100-IE) x E


-Portfolio (detailed decription in retail Banks) has much Risks if you invest your money and miscaculate the fond money
-Paying Methods (2.2.1) has Risks
-Flotation have no risk

This Assortments can only be choosen in the main bank
-Flotation and Paying methods and Portfolios can only be bought in a Main Bank
-Paying mehtods have an unlimited Supply but cause more costs per sold item

Paying Methods

Each shop works with cash money without a upgrade.
this payment methods can be devolped in the F&E centers (mobile Payment is already ingame but it has no use till now)
But it is Possible to update the Paying method of all your shops with:

-Mobile Payment the overall rating is addicted from 80% rating of the bank 20% brand
-Credit Card Payment overall rating is addicted from 60% rating of the bank 40% brand
-both have unlimeted supply you can change setting in the main Bank
-demand is limited that why you need an overall rating
-the price is set by the tecnology and opponents tecnology

The users (the shops in which buy this payment) need to pay a percentage from, 1-10%(*1) of their revenue to the Bank. But it gives the shops an advantage to raise the demand of the consumers who use the Tecnology by 100% depending on the highest tech of the tecnology of the bank and the Rating of the Bank. This advantage can stack if you use both Payment methods.
For example you have maximum tecnology in Mobile and Creditcart Payment and the shop use both of them.It will raise the demand in the shops (*1 depending on usage of the payment) by 100+100 so 200% but the revenue they need to pay wont rise. It will be splitted half and a half. But you still profit from it because you profit from the higher selling rates of the shop.

(*1 1-10% of the anual revenue of the users of the Payment method. Casually it is 100% Cash but each year over 1990 the other Payment methods will Raise by 1,09648^n=Percantage of raise (n=year above 1990 after 50 years the new payment methods will reach the maximum of 100%)

this payment methods can be devolped in the F&E centers (mobile Payment is already ingame but it has no use till now)

-the main differnence between this both payment methods is that Mobile payment got lower Risk an lower percantages 1-3% depending on Tech and rating level
-Credit cards have higher risk but a higer percantage you earn from the shops 5-10% depending Tech and rating level.

-The loan collateral of the payment methods is the actual market Value (without stock calculations) of the companys from the shops.

-Risc calculation concept you can read in the topic:


If a company want to go to the stock market she need choose a bank and pay a small percentage of the Stocks to the Bank(this percantage you can adjust in the main Bank under Assortment->Flotation) .
-As the homebank of the company your Bank is forced to buy the shares which get sold and can sell them cheaper to get the money back. For each share trade which is made with the stock she will get a fix price for transactions. And get a discount for buying the share for her own.


-Can decrease risk of banking products
-You can select to set him Into your main main Bank to decrease the risk of mobile payment or credit card payment
-Or put him to your retail bank to decrease the Risk of normal credits selled in this store.

His decrease of risks depends on his skill level. Here is a list:

Lvl1. 10%
Lvl2. 20%
... ....
Lvl10. 99%

-1 Lawyer can handle multiple products without loosing his effectiveness
-2 Lawyers can handle one or multiple products but they needs to be connected and loose their effectiveness


if he is lvl 1 so he has got 10% reducing Risk and he got 2 products.
Product A with a risk of 30%; Total credit loan volume of 100.000,00$ ; Loan collateral 60.000,00$
Product B with a riskt of 20%; Total credit loan volume of 10.000,00$ ;Loan collateral 5.000,00$

it will calculated like this:

(Total credit loan volume of 100.000,00$-Loan collateral 60.000,00$) x (0,3-0,3x0,1)
(Total credit loan volume of 100.000,00$-Loan collateral 60.000,00$) x (0,2-0,2x0,1)

If you use 2 Lawyers with lvl 1 for 1 or more porduct is calculated like this:

(Total credit loan volume of 100.000,00$-Loan collateral 60.000,00$) x (0,3-0,3x0,1x0,1
(Total credit loan volume of 100.000,00$-Loan collateral 60.000,00$) x (0,2-0,2x0,1x0,1)


-You can use him to create Political influence. He has skill level of 1 his influence is 1% on max level 10 it is 25%
-the influence of Lobbists can stack to a maximum of 100% if you got 4 lvl 10. Lobbyists you have an influcence of 100%
-each lobbyist needs a own slot in the Main Bank
-With limited slot places you need choose wisly how you run your bank. And who you hire or not,

2.4.1 Influence

-With influence of 100% you dont need to be a mayor and rule of all citys like a mayor. If your influence is below 100% you can change the settings of the city by the level of percantage. For example you cant to upgrae the paying for the university. Actuall it is by the value of 63 with a invluence of 10% you can raise or decrese it by 6,3 Points. Also you can use all tools but its limted to your influence level. You can raise or reduce Taxes or the statuary assets limit and so on. The Lobbyists will remain after you canged the values.

-you also have influence to the average overall quality of the local Products which are whit in the market share. Each Point of influence decrese the Quality, Brand and increase the price by the amount of influence level. But after you did this the Lobbyist will dissappear and you need to scout a new one. With lvl 1 he can decrease all products in the city by 10% or one selected product by 10 Points in each section.

Fond Manager 2.5

- You need Fond Manager to create a Portfolio in the investment Bank
-You put him into the investment Bank and can link him with indexes
and adjust it here an example picture
the slots he can connect is limited to its Skill level.

With lvl 1 he can only use 1 Index
with lvl 2 he can link 2 Indexes
and so on with level 9 or more he can link 2 investement bank together to create a 9x2 =maximum of 18 Indexes
All this connected Indexes are 1 Portfolio.

Example of a floor in the investment bank:
7.png [ 40.92 KiB | Viewed 49 times ]

Each Fond manager can create only one Portfolio. This Portfolios need be selected in the main Bank in the Assortments and can be Named with a default name to apply on the market. Once realised you cant delete it from there if you want to do this you need to pay the whole investmen fond capital to the consumers.

-the overall rating is addicted from 60% rating of the bank 30% average rate of return of the investment 10% brand
-there are 3 markets for:

Investmens short below 1 year duration
middle 1-5 years duration
long 5-10 years duration

-to use it you need hire a banker and a distributor and connect them ( in this case the supply is limited) if you want give more Investions build a new Pair of workers
having the Portfolio linked in you main bank
having a fondmanager
-you can link the same investment portfolio in the retail bank the supply of this is unlimted but she supply of the distributors is limited in this case. On mobile payment it isnt and you dont need to link mobile payments and creditpayment in the retail bank

To make profit out of the portfolio your consumers needs to invest in it. For Example the Investment is set to the Price of 100,000.00$ each this can be sold in the retail Bank 1 and adjusted in the main Bank. A consumer Buys it (you just link the Portfolio from your main Bank there)(and need to Link the Fond manager with the connction of the indixes to the Main Bank) For each Investment is made you get a provision if its sell Price by %+ overall 0,1-2,5% Of the investment fond overall value which you can adjust in the retail Bank menue.
Also you need to adjust the Fond duration in the main Bank 1-10 Years when you need to outpay the value of the Fond. When they invest you get their capital and need to pay it back after 1-10 years. (the matamatics are just like a stock of the indexs you have set x Fonds total investment-Provison you have Taken-%of the Cost+%profit) You can see the outpay value of all fonds in your interface next to your Assets value. When the duration is passed you loose the capital from investment and pay this out.
In bad economy situations the Consumers wants to get the money the have inveted earlyer so you need to payout them erayler than your set time. if they do so the have to pay a fine 5% of their investment. But it still doensnt protect you from loose.

Retail Banks

-sell credit loans
-sell investements portfolios
-settle down lawyers to reduce the risk of credits (layers can also be placed in the main banks to reduce risks of payments)

-Credit loans works like fond portfolios on the opposite way
-you borrow money that means you give it away
-set up the credit value per sell (1,000,000,000.00$ )for example that you borrow maximum 1,000,000,000.00$
-you make profits out of interest
-set up the interest lower is better demand higher is bad demand
-the overall rating is addicted from 30% rating of the bank 70% price (interest) 10% brand
-you can adjust the duration and get each month a armotisation rate and an inerest rate (armortisation rate is credit value/ number of years)

-there are 3 markets for:
credits short below 1 year duration
middle 1-5 Years duration
long 5-10 years

-to use it you need hire a banker and a distributor and connect them ( in this case the supply is limited) if you want give more loans build a new Pair of workers

-Ratings are the quality of your bank Products
Possible levels could be (up best rating down bad rating)

2 AA
3 A
5 BB
6 B
8 CC
9 C

Risk Capital / and Risc calculation

-Your Rating Climb each 1 or 2 years beeing not below in your statuary Assets limit by +1 level.
-If you fall you will loose 2 rating steps

-Your city of the Mainbank or other banks can pay Fonds/ or you take Credits to prefent you from fall below but you need to pay high rents
-Assets height 5-99%(depending of the Political Situaion) of Risk Capital explained more below)
-Assets you need to saveup a percantage of your Risk capital
-you are not able to use this capital if you do you will fall down in ratings

-Risk Capital (Capital you can potentionaly loose):

Risk Capital= Player Company Capital invested in Stock market + (loans of city "A" - loan collateral of city "A")x inflation of city "A" + (loans of city "B" - loan collateral of city "A")x inflation of city "B" and so on....+Fond capital of all your Portfolios+avearge percentage from Mobile payment methods 1-5%(/2 if you use Mobile and Credit Payment) x (all shops who use the Mobile payment their average revenue x Job and income Index (below 100) /100)+ avearge percentage from Creditcard Payment 3-10%(/2 if you use Mobile and Credit Payment) x (all shops who use the Creditcard payment their average revenue x Job and income Index (below 100) /100)

[/i]i hope you will seperate with the update the inflation that each city have its own inflation and economic values would be more realistic or better in each country[/i]

-Lawyers influence is not calculated in the risk Capital but it still reduce your risk that it happens. If you want it difficult and mor challanging you can include it.

-Reserves are used to pay losses from loans. If your bank is systemrelevant that means has a high percentatage of capital if the local GDP and will fall the reserves she will decrease the econonmy in the city and create a financal crisis and a higher demand for money and lower supply of money and snowball the economy decrease.

(i would suggest to invent a new bar like this):
5.png [ 31.68 KiB | Viewed 49 times ]

sorry i am very tired now i will update it if i have more time i spend more than 10 hours today to wirte this suggestion i hope it was it worth.
Tell me how you like it and discuss it with me or vote ifi you like the idea.

Thanks for the reading

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